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2nd quarter 2024 (April-June, PDF) Mammal Madness

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Listen to Executive Director Dr. Stephanie Bestelmeyer discuss Asombro’s science education lessons focused on sustainable ranching in the southwest on the Come Rain or Shine podcast. 

Listen to climate scientists and educators, including Asombro’s Executive Director Dr. Stephanie Bestelmeyer talk about what gives them hope as they think about the future and our changing climate.

Want to learn more about Asombro’s work with the USDA Southwest Climate Hub? Dr. Emile Elias, Director of the Southwest Climate Hub shares the work they are doing related to water availability. In Futurum, a magazine and online platform aimed at inspiring young people to follow a career in the sciences, research, and technology: “Learning to Live with Less Water” and the Asombro Climate Hub activities.

Asombro held a BioBlitz at the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park on September 19, 2015. A report was compiled from the species data recorded that day.

Past Newsletters

1st quarter 2023 (January – March, PDF) — Last Year’s Accomplishments Give Way to Anticipation for the New Year

2nd quarter 2023 (April-June, PDF)–Schoolyard Field Trips

3rd quarter 2023 (July-September, PDF)– Summer Road Trips

4th quarter 2023 (October-December, PDF) Desert Stories Ignites Wonder

4th quarter 2022 (October – December, PDF) — Gateway to the Desert

3rd quarter 2022 (July – September, PDF) — Returning to In-Person Workshops with Wildfire

2nd quarter 2022 (April – July, PDF) — That’s A Wrap! Concluding The Water Conservation Data Jam

1st quarter 2022 (January – March, PDF) — Learning is Easier When You’re On An Adventure

4th quarter 2021 (October – December, PDF) — … And We’re Back! Asombro Returns to Classrooms

3rd quarter 2021 (July – September, PDF) — Building Community Through Virtual Teacher Workshops

2nd quarter 2021 (April – June, PDF) — The Benefits of Outdoor Learning Shine Even Brighter During the Pandemic

1st quarter 2021 (January – March, PDF) — Our Supporters and Volunteers Were the Silver Lining of 2020!

4th quarter 2020 (October – December, PDF) — Back-to-School, Back-to-Science

3rd quarter 2020 (July – September, PDF) — Celebrating 30 Years of Wonder

2nd quarter 2020 (April – June, PDF) — Still Serving Students: Adapting Asombro Programs for Remote Learning

1st quarter 2020 (January – March, PDF) — Reset Your New Year’s Resolutions with Us!

4th quarter 2019 (October-December, PDF) –Big Changes and an Exciting Future for Asombro

3rd quarter 2019 (July- September, PDF) –Summer of Science at Asombro

2nd quarter 2019 (April – June, PDF) — 8th Annual Desert Data Jam

1st quarter 2019 (January – March, PDF) — A Successful Year of Science Education

4th quarter 2018 (October – December, PDF) — Asombro Wins Award!

3rd quarter 2018 (July – September, PDF) — Helping New Mexico Students Become “STEM Ready”

2nd quarter 2018 (April – June, PDF) — Desert Data Jam Wraps Up Its 7th Year

1st quarter 2018 (January – March, PDF) — Asombro Goes to Deming for Desert Stories

4th quarter 2017 (October – December, PDF)

3rd quarter 2017 (July – September, PDF)

2nd quarter 2017 (April – June, PDF)

1st quarter 2017 (January – March, PDF)

4th quarter 2016 (October – December, PDF)
3rd quarter 2016 (July – September, PDF)
2nd quarter 2016 (April – June, PDF)
1st quarter 2016 (January – March, PDF)

4th quarter 2015 (October – December, PDF)
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4th quarter 2014 (October – December, PDF)
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2nd quarter 2014 (April – June, PDF)
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 (January – March, PDF)

2013 Annual Report
4th quarter 2013 (October – December, PDF)
3rd quarter 2013 (July – September, PDF)
2nd quarter 2013
 (April – June, PDF)
1st quarter 2013
 (January – March, PDF)

4th quarter 2012 (October – December, PDF)

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1st quarter 2007 (January – March, PDF)

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