Broader Impacts Partnerships

Are you a university or agency scientist interested in making a difference for K-12 education? Partner with Asombro to broaden the impacts of your research, increase science education for the K-12 community, and strengthen your grant proposals.

Asombro Knows How To Engage Teachers And Students

Our talented team of educators has worked with dozens of scientists at universities and agencies across the country. We have experience designing, delivering, and evaluating quality science education based on up-to-date research. The majority of our 20,000 annual K-12 participants are economically disadvantaged, so your research can inspire groups traditionally underrepresented in science.

Arizona State University Professor, Heather Throop, discusses her research on carbon cycling in the Chihuahuan Desert at a teacher workshop.

New Mexico State University Assistant Professor and Herbarium Director, Sara Fuentes-Soriano, assists Las Cruces third graders while they participate in a lesson about her research.

Students gather data on model
rainout shelters that replicate
an NSF-funded study.

Why Partner with Us?

Reviewers want to know how your research will benefit society. A strong broader impacts section helps your proposal stand out from the crowd. Partnering with Asombro gives you access to our strengths, including:

  • An audience of K-12 students and teachers eager to learn through Asombro’s award-winning programs.
  • The infrastructure to deliver information about your research in a cost-effective way to hundreds or thousands of students.
  • A flexible menu of strategies to engage with K-12 students, teachers, and the general public.
Multiple Models Available

We can help you design and implement an excellent broader impacts plan based on your research topic, time, commitment, and budget. This might include:

  • K-12 classroom activities
  • Online activities
  • Field trip activities at Asombro’s Nature Park
  • Teacher workshops
  • Desert Data Jam datasets
  • Interpretive signs for the public
  • Public events
Contact Us to Get Started Today

The first step in developing a partnership is reaching out to us to discuss your research and broader impacts interests. 

Contact Executive Director, Dr. Stephanie Bestelmeyer, today (575-524-3334 or