Water Conservation Data Jam Teacher Resources

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in the Asombro Institute’s Water Conservation Data Jam curriculum unit. This unit was designed to introduce 6-12th grade students to data analysis and water conservation. We partnered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (https://www.epa.gov/) to design an engaging, fun, and scientifically rigorous education unit aligned with Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and Agriculture Food and Natural Resources Standards.

The Water Conservation Data Jam curriculum unit consists of a menu of activities that can be mixed and matched by educators to create a personalized unit. The “Introduction” and all three “Main Course” lessons must be completed together, and the “Appetizers” and “Desserts” are optional activities to supplement student learning. This unit was designed to be conducted over a period of four to six class periods.

You may download the entire curriculum at the link below or choose the specific resources you need from the list below.

Educator Guide and Additional Documents

Created as a part of Grant No. NE01F62601 from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Full Educator Guide

Teacher Survey Consent Form

Student and Parent Survey Consent Form

Beginning Survey

Ending Survey

Unit Menu


Optional activities to help students learn more about New Mexico water issues; choose one to four

Educator Guide (PDF)

PowerPoint Presentation

Links To All Student Handout PDFs found in the Educator Guide


Optional activities for students to extend their learning; choose one or two