Water Conservation Data Jam

Middle and High School Data Challenge


With a supporting teacher, students can participate in an online module to make sense of regionally-relevant datasets about water and then communicate the data to nonscientists through creative projects (e.g.,  poems, physical models, games) that highlight the need for water conservation and actions that they and others can take to become stewards of our water resources.


Teachers, sign up to conduct the Online Water Conservation Data Jam with your students by contacting Program Leader, Emilia Linley, emilia@asombro.org.



Watch this video to preview this exciting program!



Water Conservation Data Jam is aligned with the following NGSS Dimensions.  


Science and Engineering Practices:

Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions; Using Mathematical and Computational Thinking; Developing and Using Models; and Asking Questions and Defining Problems


Crosscutting Concepts:

Cause and Effect