End of 2020

Can you help expand remote science learning in 2021?


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What happened when an enduring pandemic took away our ability to provide in-person, hands-on science lessons to K-12 students? We reimagined how hands-on science could still be delivered to students, and we learned new video and computer skills and re-fashioned lessons for remote learners.


Thousands of students in Las Cruces and Deming can click on video lessons on a variety of science topics. Students in Lovington, NM, are participating in Asombro’s Water Conservation Data Jam, all by remote learning. This new way of delivering education to students also opens possibilities of reaching more rural and underserved areas than before.


What are these programs like? To learn a little about them, go to asombro.org/remote. For example, the 2nd grade program “Desert Stories” is about seed dispersal. An 8th grade program “Magnets and Migration” is on new, fascinating research about how birds migrate.


With your support, we will emerge in 2021 perfectly poised to take hands-on science education to many thousands more students, especially those in underserved and rural areas. Asombro’s programs may be even further-reaching after the pandemic than before.


Please help support this worthwhile work. A donation will help ensure that science education is delivered to our future decision makers.  The Asombro Board of Directors thanks you for your support.


I want to help!