Science at Home

Science at Home

Thank you for visiting us for some fun science learning!  Explore the links for videos and activities that you can do at home.


One Day in the Desert

Elementary Science Series

Read along with us as we enjoy the book, One Day in the Desert, and join Las Cruces elementary student, Mariana, on a field trip to the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park in this three-video series.  Plus, learn more with some fun activities that you can do at home!



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Water Conservation in New Mexico

Middle School Science Series

Watch this three-video series, and get your hands dirty while you learn about water conservation with some awesome activities that you can do at home!



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Mini Data Jam

Middle and High School Data Challenge

Challenge your science, math, and creative skills! In this Mini Data Jam, we explain how to find trends in real scientific data and then turn your data trends into songs, models, crafts, and more to communicate your findings to others.



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Climate Change and the Water Cycle

Middle and High School Climate Activities

Learn about the effects of climate change on water resources with a board game and other engaging activities!



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Solving the Beef

Competitive Game for Ages 12+

This competitive game encourages players to think broadly, innovatively, and creatively. This is a game of divergent and innovative thinking, with a bit of luck. Needed: at least two players, a printer, scissors, and a timer.



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Land Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS)

Free App for Your Phone or Tablet


Watch this video, created by our partners at the USDA Jornada Experimental Range, to learn how you can use the free LandPKS app to investigate the soil around your home.