Science Sponsors

Science Sponsors

Wonder of Science


“Asombro” means “wonder” in Spanish. Since 1991, the Asombro Institute for Science Education has brought this sense of wonder to thousands of New Mexico students through engaging, hands-on, science education programs.


As a nonprofit organization with donated office space and utilities, Asombro is able to keep overhead and program fees low. Fees are $100 per class, which includes all travel, staff time, materials, photocopies, and other supplies needed for a 60-minute program for one class (25-30 students).


Unfortunately, even these modest program fees are too much for many deserving schools. More than 30% of New Mexico children live in poverty, and New Mexico spends considerably less per student for education than the national average. You can fill the need by becoming a Science Sponsor today!


When You Become a Science Sponsor


  • a classroom of children receives a one-hour, hands-on science lesson;
  • you receive notes from the children and/or their teacher; and
  • you help bring the wonder of science to local children.


Be a Science Sponsor





How to Be Sponsored


Classroom teachers, please fill out an application to be considered for a science sponsorship.


Teacher Application