Site Features

Site Features

Picnic Tables & Shade Ramadas


There are many shaded picnic tables at the Chihuahuan Desert Nature park. All are easily accessible from the trails connected to our parking lot.



Benches are found off every trail, providing a comfortable spot to rest or enjoy the surrounding desert.

Composting Toilets*

*when staff present


Our composting toilets are open on Scientist Saturdays. Due to vandalism, our composting toilets are only available when Asombro staff is on site. We appreciate your understanding. Learn more about composting toilets here.



Our 150-seat amphitheater is just a under half-mile away from the parking lot. It is shaded and provides a wonderful view of the San Andres and San Augustin mountains. The amphitheater is used for public programs and is available for rent.


Interpretive Signs


The Nature Park has multiple types of signage to help you better explore the Chihuahuan Desert. Plant Identification signs can be found along the Desert Discovery Trail and Desert Experience Mini-Trail. Larger signs give information about park features, such as the Weather Station.